How To: Schedule A Whole Month of Blog Posts In One Day


Today on the Exploration Series, we are talking about how I am managing to plan a whole month’s worth of blog posts in ONE DAY.  I was recently inspired by Nesha Woolery’s blog post about setting up weekly batch days and decided to try it for myself.


A batch day, as Nesha describes, is a day completely dedicated to one single task that your business needs. By setting aside one whole day to focus on this specific task and not switch back and forth, it allows you to really knock that task out of the park. Not only accomplishing a whole bunch of work, but high-quality work because you are not requiring your brain to have to switch back and forth constantly.

Up until last month, I was writing and scheduling blog posts kind of on a whim. I knew I wanted to publish at least once a week, but I really left it up to my schedule to decide when and about what. BAD IDEA you guys… this is basically setting yourself up for failure. Because when you look at an overwhelming schedule, what’s the first thing to go? Yes, you got it right. The unscheduled, unorganized blog posts.


So I sat down and picked 3 days out of the month, dedicating each one to blog writing/scheduling, Etsy shop updating and social media. And just as Nesha said, I put those days on my calendar and scheduled them to repeat each and every month.

After officially completing my first month of batch days, I can truly say it is amazing. On my batch days I have a set list of to-do’s that need to be done and I know that’s all I am focusing on for the full day. It allows my brain to shut off the rest of the world and focus on the task at hand. I don’t look at emails or social media, I just focus on my list. This allows me to write, create graphics and preload all my months blog posts in just one day! So amazing!!

Not only does this mean, I don’t have to worry about creating content throughout the month, it allows me to focus on marketing myself way better! When you don’t have a plan of what you are going to write or publish, it is really hard to market it.


So are you ready to give batch days a shot?  I highly recommend reading Nesha’s article about how to get started and take these tips into consideration!

Tips to being successful:

·      Take it seriously! If you are not going to give the batch day your full effort, you will not see the results.

·      Schedule batch days and stick to them. It is easy to push back tasks that you don’t really want to do. For me, those tasks always have to do with money and business things. But stick to your batch days and keep in mind, you either spend one day being proactive about these tasks or the whole month worrying and trying to play catch up.

·      Make your batch days fun. I always know my batch days are probably going to be a longer day than normal, so I take full advantage of heading to a local coffee shop and treat myself to a perfectly brewed latte. I always feel so much more productive when I am out of the office and in a creative environment.

·      Let batch days give you peace of mind. I know these days can seem a little overwhelming, but in all honesty if you are an organized person like I am, these days are pretty heavenly. Think about it, you spend one-day working super hard to knock out these tasks and then you have a whole month planned out and ready to go!! It’s definitely worth it. Trust me.


I hope my experience, along with these tips, is enough inspiration to get you to try out batch days!

Are you using batch days already? How have they helped take your business to the next level and give you peace of mind?