Things To Do In Hong Kong

As I sit here reminiscing about our amazing Hong Kong trip, I think to myself… man, Pinterest did not do Hong Kong justice! (Which I can admit that I never say).

Hong Kong, the city that is unlike any other city I have ever traveled to. Skyscrapers as tall and thick as New York City, but surrounded by the most beautiful mountains. Roads so hilly that it reminds me of San Francisco, but yet in the middle of an island.  Food and environment like America, but yet still authentically Chinese. I cannot even begin to explain how unique our Hong Kong adventure was, but for you… I will try.

 Dragon's Back Hike

Dragon's Back Hike

We knew before arriving to HK that this would be a short trip. We only had 4 days, including travel, but we were determined to make the most of it. We had a detailed agenda of the places we wanted to see and lists of the American food we wanted to get. After strictly eating Chinese the past couple of months, finding American food was sadly enough pretty close to our number one priority.


Upon first arrival, after a few misguided turns while directing ourselves to the hotel, I will not lie… the overwhelming smell of dried fish and the crowded streets was a huge turn off to me. I remember saying to Terrell, “eh, I am not so sure about this city!” He quickly reassured me that after we get some food in our bellies and explore some more, he was sure my feelings would change. And little did he know, he was completely accurate!


Day 1:

Our first day was the shortest day after traveling early in the morning, but yet we planned a full days worth of adventures for it. After finding a delicious America lunch of ribs for Terrell and a chicken breast for me (you will never understand how much I value a good chicken breast!!), we were off to check out Cat Street Market and the iconic Hong Kong Harbor skyline.

We made it to the Cat Street Market with no issues and dug through some Chinese antiques, mostly just looking due to the prices. It was a unique market that was filled with various treasures that we enjoyed looking through. After making our way through the market, we were off to catch our Aqua Luna Harbor Tour, one thing on the trip I was truly looking forward to. Knowing us, we left extra time in case we got turned around and couldn’t find the Central Pier… but unfortunately, we didn’t leave enough time. We were so lost! We could literally see the water and where we were supposed to be but couldn’t seem to find the correct Pier. After finding a nice HK resident to guide us in the right direction we ended up having to take the iconic Star Ferry across the Harbor and back in order to get to Pier 9. Typical us. Missing our sunset cruise and replacing it with two ferry trips across the harbor! It was a nice substitution to see the harbor, just minus the luxurious feel of Aqua Luna.

After our viewing of the harbor, we had worked up quite the appetite and needed some America food in our bellies. We had done tons of research before leaving about where we wanted to eat and decided that Burger Circus was definitely at the top of the list. As we approached the street the smell of grease and fries was guiding us the final blocks. We were quickly seated and decided what we were having, Terrell a typical burger, fries and milkshake and the buffalo chicken burger, fries and a shake for myself.  The milkshakes quickly arrived and we dove right in! It was like heaven in a glass and I devoured every last sip of it! Once the food arrived, we were once in awe of the “home like” feeling it gave us. After everything was said in done, we had officially out spent our budget but the full feelings in our stomachs (and hearts) were well worth it!

After dinner, we explored the area a little more and started to head back towards the hotel to catch some zzz’s before our busy day the next day. 


Day 2:

Our agenda for day two included: breakfast, Tai Wai Bike Trip, Victoria’s Peak and then Lan Kwai Fong for the evening. A VERY full day, but we wanted to make the most of it!

After an early rise and grabbing some coffee we jumped on the metro and headed towards Tai Wai for our adventure. We had read on multiple blog posts about the opportunity to bike from Tai Wai to Tai Po and heard that it was a great way to sightsee around the island. We like to be active on our vacations so we felt that it was the perfect way to see the less rural side of HK. The total bike ride, from renting the bikes, taking some detours and finding the final city took us around 4 hours. The bike ride took us right along the river allowing us to see the riverside, islands in the background and some cultural aspects. We loved every minute of it!

With the perfect day behind us we hopped on the metro back to the hotel to grab some food and check out the infamous Peak. Due to our very active day already we opted to wait in line and take the cable car up and back at the Peak. To be honest, The Peak was pretty disappointing for us. It was very commercialized and we couldn’t see anything due to the smog! I think it would have been a different story if we would have hiked up and it was less smoggy, but our experience wasn’t the best.

After waiting in line to head back down from the Peak we jumped on the metro and headed to the HK version of Bourbon Street: Lan Kwai Fong. We started the night with a quick bite to eat at Grill, which feature different types of meats and veggies on skewers cooked on the grill in front of you. It was really yummy and definitely started the night off right. From there we walked around and checked out a few different spots with specials. After checking out the area we ended up finding out that hanging out outside with the crowd of people at various locations was actually the most fun of all! We were able to talk to various people from all over the world and enjoy the nice night. 


Day Three:

As Terrell would say, day three was my day. For everyone who knows Terrell they understand he is not exactly the outdoorsy type of person, but I am. Well this HK day was MY type of day for sure. Our adventure today consisted of the Dragon’s Back Hike ending at Big Wave Beach and then heading across the harbor to the Ladies Market.

I fell in love immediately with this hike. Not only was it beautiful weather for us, but the hike was filled with luscious greenery and flowers with breaks in the trees that revealed breath taking views of the water and islands! Even though we thought this was a short hike, it ended up being about 4 - 5 hours to get to Big Wave Beach where we were in serious need of some food!

The little village at Big Wave Bay had a couple of options for food, we chose the busiest spot and sat down to grab some food. After filling up we enjoyed our day at the beach and then caught the shuttle back to the metro.

After a very long day hiking and beaching it, we decided to head to the Ladies Market and just relax with some shopping. The Ladies Market is a very famous night market in HK and let me tell you…. It was PACKED. We arrived around 7 pm and it was booming with people. The market was filled with tourist traps, badly made nock off items and much, much more. It was fun to shop our way through the market and get some goodies to send home to our families.

Hong Kong was truly a delightful trip, one that I did not expect to love so much. Looking back at my pictures I loved the variety that this city has to offer. Between the crazy city life, beautiful nature and authentic Chinese feel, I fell in love.