Why I Choose Adventure Over Money


Do you ever feel yourself slipping away into a slump? You know, one of those that you just can’t shake. When you are living day to day in the same routine, not stepping out of your comfort zone. 

That was me just a few months ago! I felt no matter how hard I was trying to change things up and be adventurous; it just wasn’t working for me. It was hard to see myself like that because I am usually a fun loving type of girl. But the truth is, I was comfortable. I had a great boy friend, loving the city I lived in and a big-girl job (finally).  But yet, something was missing. For months I told myself that it was just a phase and I would eventually break out of it, but honestly I didn’t like where my future was heading. 


So, I decided to make a change! Jokingly I asked Terrell to join the Peace Corps and take an adventure with me, but obviously that wasn’t happening! Then, out of the blue, Terrell stumbled upon a basketball-coaching job in China. I encouraged him to apply, even though I didn’t think we would ever actually accept it. And not even 2 weeks after he submitted his application, we faced the BIGGEST decision of our lives.

I am not going to lie to you, I was dreadfully scared during this decision process. I had finally landed a job that set me up with a steady income after years of internships and collegiate athletic department jobs that never seemed to make my bank account look the way I wanted it to. I mean seriously, I was finally able to shop at HomeGoods with out literally breaking into my piggy bank to afford it! But honestly, where was that getting me? I was unhappy, but “rich” in my own weird terms.

After a few days passed, the decision needed to be made and Terrell was waiting on me to make up my mind. Everyone who knows me already knows that I made about 400 pro/con lists trying to help me with this life changing decision. But in reality, it all came down to one principal that I was raised on. 


Ever since I was very young, my mom always told me that money isn’t worth your happiness. Of course I always agreed with her, but never really understood the depth of that phrase. When put in the difficult situation to choose money and stability over adventure… I finally understood!  Just like most of you all out there, we can all say that we would choose our happiness over a paycheck… but when it comes down to it, would we really?

Why do so many people live their lives paycheck to paycheck being miserable? It is still a question that I am not sure I understand. Don’t get me wrong, there is a difference between having a job to survive and having a job to make you “rich”. I am strictly referring to suffering through a job or situation in your life that you are unhappy with just because you are comfortable.

Our lives are too short to sit there daily wondering what else life has to offer. And in the end, this was the realization that drove me to make my decision to take the jump! The jump into adventure!! 


One month living in China and I have not yet regretted this decision yet. Yes, I am definitely watching my spending a little more until my graphic design freelance become fully sustainable, but dang am I having the time of my life. Every single day is a new adventure! Whether it’s finding a new street vendor to try or booking our first trip to Hong Kong (more to come on that later) every day has something knew to offer!! It is truly amazing at how beautiful this world is and I feel so blessed that I am able to experience it!

I love that my family and friends supported and encouraged me enough to be brave and take the leap into this new adventure. I know that it’s not realistic for everyone to move across the world or even to a different city, but I do challenge you to push yourself out of your comfort zone every now and then. You will be surprised at what it does for your spirit and outlook on life. Say goodbye to those stupid little slumps and hello to adventure!!

As once said, “In the end, we only regret the chances we didn’t take.” -Unknow 

Cheers from China!