New Year, New Amavi


“The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new.” –Socrates

Happy New Year! Oh what promises 2017 holds for each and every one of us. The New Year is always such an exciting time for everyone. A fresh start, a time of reflection, changes, and progress.

When many people think of change, they view it in a negative light. Some people believe we have to change because we are broken or flawed… but when I think of change, I think of evolving, dreaming, and growing. I do not see change as a negative aspect of life, but one of great importance. To change means that we are human. To change means that we are growing and dreaming bigger dreams.

That is why I am so excited to bring to you all the new Amavi Studio. After our first year of business in 2016, we spent a good amount of time in December thinking about what we wanted to come from 2017, what we had learned from our time being open, and our ‘why’. After much reflection and brainstorming, we have developed (and are so excited to share!!) Amavi Studio’s new brand look and our business values. We have taken a look at who we want to serve, what pulls on our heartstrings + gets us all excited, and tailored our brand to serve that community. So, here you go! Welcome to the new Amavi Studio! 

Amavi Studio

Amavi Studio’s Philosophy:

Design is much more than just putting together beautiful colors and patterns. It creates a storybook, communicating to the world each and every fine detail about you + your brand. At Amavi Studio, when we search for design inspiration we absorb the natural surrounding and let the story write itself by pairing together thoughtful colors, typography and inspiration that is authentic to you + your brand.


Our ‘Why’:

Life is not about just being on earth… it is about living and enjoying every aspect of your life. We strongly believe work is not something we do just to get by, but our work is something that we are passionate about and something that makes us all giddy and warm on the inside. That is why we have taken a serious look at the work we love and the design style we love creating during this rebranding phase. We love being able to work with people and businesses that what to show their authentic self through their brand + wedding. Whether that is a small business, large corporation, a couple getting married or a family hosting their grandmother’s birthday party, we want to be able to bring your vision and personality to life in your designs. Bringing those visions to life is what makes our job so much fun!

So this year, we will not be taking on any and every project that we are approached with. We will be focusing our time on the projects that we feel truly want a heart-felt, authentic design + values the process, not just the outcome. We want clients that are passionate about their business, madly in love with their future spouse + we want to design projects that reflect this authenticity and naturalness. 

Amavi Studio

We are beyond excited to be able to (finally) reveal this change for Amavi Studio and cannot wait to hear what you all think about our new brand presence and core values. Take a look around the new website and let us know what you think below!

Thank you again for all your support this past year and we cannot wait to see what 2017 holds for us all.


With love,