Amavi Studio: Vacation Notice

 Just a teaser image from my last trip to Philippines! 

Just a teaser image from my last trip to Philippines! 


Woohoo, it’s the moment we have all been waiting for… okay, maybe the moment I have been waiting for!

I will be spending the next three weeks traveling through the Philippines, Thailand + Xi’an, China with my family and Terrell! Even though I will be traveling for the next three weeks, the studio will ONLY be closed from January 14th to January 23rd when I will have no access to the internet in El Nido, Philippines. When I reach Thailand, Amavi Studio will reopen for business!

If you have any urgent communication, please note I will be checking my email as possible from January 14-23 and will respond accordingly. In the meantime, please follow along with my next adventure on Instagram!!

My Adventure Plans: 

I am beyond excited to embark on this adventure with my family! The whole year living in China I have been trying to convince them to come to SouthEast Asia (SEA) and see what it is all about, but of course work and other schedules have been conflicts. FINALLY a date worked out and my two sisters and mom will be heading to SEA for the next two weeks! 

Our trip will begin in the beautiful Palawan, Philippines where we will be checking out Puerto Princessa City and then heading to the famous El Nido! Words cannot explain how excited I am to go back to Philippines! This country has so much adventure and beauty to offer. During our time in the Philippines we will be visiting the Underground River, Island Hopping in El Nido, checking out deserted beaches by kayak, zip lining, hiking and much more! 

After our week in Palawan is up we will be heading to Phuket, Thailand for an additional week. Thailand is the one stop my family knew that they wanted to make (luckily I convinced them with cheaper flight prices to start in PH!!). Phuket is known for their amazing beaches, shopping, cheap massages and amazing food. I cannot wait to check it out for myself! Even though these locations are beyond amazing, I am most excited to spend two weeks with my girls! We have never been able to take a girls trip and none of my family has ever been out of the country, so I am thrilled to be able to take this adventure with them! 

Once our time ends on the warm beaches of Thailand, I will be flying to Xi'an, China to meet Terrell and celebrate Chinese New Year. During our time in one of the oldest and most loved Chinese cities we will be exploring the ancient Temples, Terracotta Warriors and indulging in some yummy authentic Chinese food. 

I hope you will follow along with my adventures these next weeks and maybe they will inspire you take an adventure of your own!