Top Ten Countdown: Number Five




Throwing it way back today to our first trip while being abroad… the beautiful ancient city of Hoi An, Vietnam. Hoi An is an quaint, little town along the coast of Vietnam. It is known for its historic port that played a huge role in their culture and imports back in the day. 

While planning out our trip, I knew that I wanted to rent scooters and ride the infamous Hai Van Pass, a costal road right outside of Hoi An with jaw-dropping views. So when the time came, we rented our $5/day scooters and hit the road. Since we were doing the round trip in one day, we had to get an early start for the day. Overall the trip took about 8 hours, which can seem like a lot on a scooter, but it was beyond worth it.

The views are forever engrained in my mind! See for yourself below! 

Lessons learned from this trip: 
1.    ALWAYS cover up while riding a scooter, or else you will get third degree burns
2.    Don't trust Terrell with important items while driving through the country side. You see that really great picture on the cover of Terrell standing in the middle of the road? Yes, well thats the picture of him searching for the scooter key that he lost... in the middle of nowhere, while he was low on gas. He ALWAYS likes to keep it interesting, people!