how do they do it?

Do you find yourself constantly looking at other businesses and wondering how they are consistently booking their dream clients at the luxury price point and not stressing about when their next client will book? Well, good news. You can do that too!

Those businesses know who their dreamy clients are and have built their brand around targeting them + telling their unique story. No more wondering who your clients should be, if your pricing is too high, and what font or colors to use on your next marketing piece. 

It is all about strategy. 

I know how it feels to look at other brands and wish you had that success. Honestly, you can! Through developing a brand strategy and discovering your story you can start pulling in those high paying clients and booking more consistently.


Let me help you create your strategy.

*Due to limited space, we only take on 2 branding clients per month.



I will dive in deep to your current brand + vision. Looking at where you are and where you would like to go. During this phase we will look at your ideal clients, their tendencies and how we can build a brand that will draw them in.


After doing our research, I will hit the drawing board + begin the creative process. Pulling those styles, colors and typography options together that will stand out to your client in this crowded world. I will put together the initial thoughts + my favorite logo concepts to present to you. Then we will spend time looking at the meaning behind each concept and how it tells your story.  


Once you have chosen your favorite concept, I will spend the time perfecting it and building out your brand. Not only will you walk away with a killer logo + story, but also a secondary logo, submark, and much more. I want to make sure no matter what situation you are in, you will have a mark to fit your needs. Every file type, every situation, you will be covered.


Finally, we will deliver all your files in a perfectly organized + labeled folder for you to download with explanations on how and when to use certain file types. We want you to be prepared to put your best foot forward and book those dreamy clients.